Aug 4, 2014


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Jul 22, 2014

Busy streets and busy lights

June 17, 2014
My mom and I came to the airport uncertain if we will be leaving Manila or not. We had hours of waiting and I'm getting bored. I also do not request my mom to take my outfit post because she's not that good in taking photos. So, we just sit and wait.

After an hour or two, there were vacant seats which we can avail for going to Taiwan. We checked out our baggages and ready to fly to Taiwan.


Now boarding //

Perks of being in a business class: full meal & unlimited coffee or any drink + a beautiful presentation  //

At last, we arrived to our destination: Taiwan. It was great to be here once again, and maybe, my last. I really don't know but I hope it won't be the last. *crossed fingers*

Dinner //

I was amazed in this place because most of the goods were sold in cheaper prices including those big pizza slices which costs $60 and a big bowl of shaved ice mango for $69. I was so bloated and almost left it unfinished but I loved it anyway so no leftovers for it! After that, we head back home.

June 20, 2014

My father decided to go to the night market near our place since we have nothing to do. It was fun walking in the streets in Taiwan than be stuck inside the house.

Street lights, //

Busy people roaming around at night market //

And now we're going home.


Jun 30, 2014


I once got my hair permed into curls. That was like 2 years ago i guess. It's hard for me to remember. So yeah, now I missed it. I still want my hair to have those kind of curls but I guess, a month or two from now, I am so going to have my hair cut.


Jun 18, 2014

i just can't get enough

And I just can't get enough of this specs from ClassiqueApparel! So cheap but in great quality. Find out more in their online store and fall in love with their sunnies and specs.

Excuse my messy hair and epic faces, yay!


May 30, 2014

Good girl, Bad habits

Filartsfinds corset, Teenidle plaid shirt, Denim shorts [X]

I didn't see myself going out in just a corset, so I took a photo of it instead.

I broke my promise myself. I should have clean the things in my room (but i don't know how because it's full of stuff of my family, it sucks!) and laptop but now, I am blogging.

I have to do it now. My life things are a mess and I should start to act like an adult, ugh


Little black dress

Forever21 dress, Flats, Sunnies by Charlie Hepburn Sunnies [X]

My sister and her fiancĂ© had a pre-nuptial shoot with Nika Noora and I, well I was a chaperon. We had a whole day to finish it because they were running out of time and the wedding is coming so soon.



Pop Culture Top and Shorts, Flats, Thrifted Beanie [X]

Part 2 of the photo with my friend, Nika Noora.


May 29, 2014

With nothing but your t-shirt on

Thrifted Oversized Button-down Shirt, Polka Stockings [X]

It wasn't actually my boyfriend's shirt. I bought it somewhere for only a cheaper price.

Another shoot with my friend, Nika Noora. We just got fund of each other and I miss her right now.

May 26, 2014

Rebel inside.

Terranova leggings and beanie, DreamBig Shop Wedges [X]
HMUA: Sheilo Chu (le bestfriend ♥)

I was a rebel with limitations.

It was a fun shoot with my high school friends/classmates. This photos were taken by Ralph Verdida, which is still my schoolmate in college. Cool, isn't it? I miss doing photo shoot. I want some more, please.

Another fact of me: I am morena.



Star City, MNL 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Jack Daniel's Muscle Tee, DIY Shorts by Mom, Payless Sneakers [X]

It was a sunny morning until evening. It was my oldest sister's family day in their company. Family Day means all the employees' family were involved in the trip. We went to their company first before going to Star City. It was fun because I always wanted to be in amusement parks.


May 21, 2014

Wasted youth

It was a windy afternoon when we had a shoot.

Pop Culture Cropped Top, Payless sneakers, DIY shorts by mom, GirlShoppe accessories[X]

This was an irony of my life. I did not actually waste my time as a youth. I was lucky to have the right people in my life and enjoy every single day.

From Every Day --

It is a mistake to think of the body as a vessel. 
It is as active as any mind, as any soul. 
And the more you give yourself to it, the harder your life will be.


Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

Pretty In Pink Floral Dress, Posh Doll shoes [X]

A photo taken in 2012, Christmas time. It was when we go outside to eat and go to church to celebrate God's day. Indeed it was a good day though with the family.

Update for me as of the moment:
reading Every Day by David Levithan


Jack Daniel's Muscle Tee, Pop Culture Highwaist Shorts, sneakers, John Lennon-Inspired Sunnies [X]

I just can't get enough of this shirt. Though, I'm not drinking, I still love this haha It transforms the whole outfit into an edgy type.

Sing me to sleep, I'll see you in my dreams

Thrifted Polo, Clang's Store Sweater, Love Trends Highwaist shorts [X]

One boring afternoon and this came up. Sorry if this became a hobby. I just don't know what to do when I'm bored and all. Yeah, I don't know what to say too because this was a past post from my lookbook. Check it out guys, thanks ;)

May 9, 2014

Party like it's the end of the world

Last 2012, I attended the Philippine Fashion Week. First-timer, here! And I was amazed. Actually, it made me realized that I really wanted to become a model. (like the one in pictures, rather) 

Thanks to the person who let me join her in this show, HG. She's the one who gave me tix, yeeey! :D

Say hello the fashionista girls I am with during PFW, HG, Zsarilyn, Ghianne.

I saw a lot of gowns and styles which I made me "WOW!" I didn't document it that much because I have a digital camera which was hard to set-up for lightings inside the show. Here are some of the pictures I took that day,

Here's what I wore on that day,
DreamBig Shop wedges, Laced dresssling bag [x]

By the way, we also gate crashed (shhh, it is a top secret *evil laugh* *kidding* hihi) through Pinoy Gaming Festival 2 because of my cosplayer friends, Ghianne and Zsarilyn. Another first for me and I suddenly thought of my boyfriend since he was a gamer. I wish he was with me though.