May 9, 2014

Party like it's the end of the world

Last 2012, I attended the Philippine Fashion Week. First-timer, here! And I was amazed. Actually, it made me realized that I really wanted to become a model. (like the one in pictures, rather) 

Thanks to the person who let me join her in this show, HG. She's the one who gave me tix, yeeey! :D

Say hello the fashionista girls I am with during PFW, HG, Zsarilyn, Ghianne.

I saw a lot of gowns and styles which I made me "WOW!" I didn't document it that much because I have a digital camera which was hard to set-up for lightings inside the show. Here are some of the pictures I took that day,

Here's what I wore on that day,
DreamBig Shop wedges, Laced dresssling bag [x]

By the way, we also gate crashed (shhh, it is a top secret *evil laugh* *kidding* hihi) through Pinoy Gaming Festival 2 because of my cosplayer friends, Ghianne and Zsarilyn. Another first for me and I suddenly thought of my boyfriend since he was a gamer. I wish he was with me though.

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