Aug 4, 2014


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Jul 22, 2014

Busy streets and busy lights

June 17, 2014
My mom and I came to the airport uncertain if we will be leaving Manila or not. We had hours of waiting and I'm getting bored. I also do not request my mom to take my outfit post because she's not that good in taking photos. So, we just sit and wait.

After an hour or two, there were vacant seats which we can avail for going to Taiwan. We checked out our baggages and ready to fly to Taiwan.


Now boarding //

Perks of being in a business class: full meal & unlimited coffee or any drink + a beautiful presentation  //

At last, we arrived to our destination: Taiwan. It was great to be here once again, and maybe, my last. I really don't know but I hope it won't be the last. *crossed fingers*

Dinner //

I was amazed in this place because most of the goods were sold in cheaper prices including those big pizza slices which costs $60 and a big bowl of shaved ice mango for $69. I was so bloated and almost left it unfinished but I loved it anyway so no leftovers for it! After that, we head back home.

June 20, 2014

My father decided to go to the night market near our place since we have nothing to do. It was fun walking in the streets in Taiwan than be stuck inside the house.

Street lights, //

Busy people roaming around at night market //

And now we're going home.


Jun 30, 2014


I once got my hair permed into curls. That was like 2 years ago i guess. It's hard for me to remember. So yeah, now I missed it. I still want my hair to have those kind of curls but I guess, a month or two from now, I am so going to have my hair cut.


Jun 18, 2014

i just can't get enough

And I just can't get enough of this specs from ClassiqueApparel! So cheap but in great quality. Find out more in their online store and fall in love with their sunnies and specs.

Excuse my messy hair and epic faces, yay!


May 30, 2014

Good girl, Bad habits

Filartsfinds corset, Teenidle plaid shirt, Denim shorts [X]

I didn't see myself going out in just a corset, so I took a photo of it instead.

I broke my promise myself. I should have clean the things in my room (but i don't know how because it's full of stuff of my family, it sucks!) and laptop but now, I am blogging.

I have to do it now. My life things are a mess and I should start to act like an adult, ugh